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Native American, European, and African creation beliefs


How are Indian creation myths different from the Bibles story of Adam and Eve?


Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Garden of Eden, while the Indians were born into it.




Here is Heaven

European though is that man is outside of nature, and that we were to be masters of the earth. European man also thought the earth could be bought and sold.

Man is born  and >>>>>>>> moves towards judgment day.

The Indians were born into the Garden of Eden and are one with nature.

The Africans believe that we are a family and that humans coexist with nature but are in some ways superior.

Picture Man, Nature, and the Ancestors at the three points of a triangle.

The creator provided everything to the ancestors of the Hopi Indians. They were called the Anasazi or "Ancient Ones".

They lived in what is now referred to as the four corners part of southwestern United States. (Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah meet in an area called four corners)

They had evolved from hunter gatherers into living in settlements and cities.

Their greatest city was in a place called Chaco Canyon. They were an advanced civilization skilled in astrology and also in farming.


What was their main money? Turquoise. This valuable currency was found as evidence of trade as far away as Central America.

Did they have a class system  in anasazi communities? They had job specialization but were considered equals.








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