NCHE Conference

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My focus is to demonstrate how technology can open up doors for us as History educators to be better organized, more effective, cutting edge, deliver my curriculumn and assesments in ways that the digital student in class or remotely can use, produce and keep a record that would provide good data to help students better, My curriculum materials  and administrative records will all be digital, easily updateable, capable of being backed up


... we need to meet them where they are to be able to take them where we want them to go... (not sure where this quote is from)

conversations i want to have are: define digital teacher, student, classroom... school, what is the best way to deliver my curriculum (Just exactly how much technology is appropriate  - Can there be a too much technology? How about use of alot of videos), my school is very short on technology >>> how can I close this GAP,  my personal tech story, use of social media pitfalls and plusses, Our negative--- kids use of phones ... can we turn it into a positive?,Do we need signal blockers in certain areas of school. Parents can call through the school phone system afterall...




I want to show off:

my website  - provides access to a great deal of information pertinent to students, parents, and teachers

my use of a laptop, projector, remote, clickers, document camera, scanner, smart phone

SKYPE to History Pros




office e editing softwate, pdf maker, database software


I have a database of "multi-step" focused U.S. History Test Questions. They can be sorted by SOL etc



I have traveled and visited many historic sites and have digital pictures to show for it


I have recently learned to make an app for students to study history on their phones.


Use Social Media


follow up and the future


Digital Teacher Initiative.

our takeaway(s)

the asalh , website link - video - and book list




What are the actual specifications/ requirements for us to deliver our info at the conference