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The Teaching American History Academy is a program that was in its' second year in Richmond Public schools when I began teaching. TAHA is a government grant funded program which has provided me with many benefits that have made me a better teacher.  

My first year of teaching and first year with TAHA Richmond.
TAHA Richmond's Year 1

These are some of the many places I have been to as a teacher. I will be adding more pictures soon.


Why do we go to historic places, and museums?

Is there something more that can be learned by being at a historic place, monument, or museum?

What do we learn from touching or seeing a historic thing in person, that we can't from looking at a picture in the classroom?


Alex Haley's House

Elvis Pressley's Mansion

Oakwood College

National Civil Rights Museum

Huntsville Alabama Space Center

16th Street Baptist Church, Birmingham Alabama

National Voting Rights Museum

Brown A.M.E. Church


Dr. King Center

Historic Stagville Plantation

Wright Brothers Museum

Sturdivant Hall

Tyron Palace and Trolley Tours of New Bern North Carolina

World of Coca Cola 

Woodville School, Moton house, Gwynns Island, and Zion Poplar's Baptist Church. 

Attucks Theater

Gettysburg PA 

Gettysburg PA I 

Gettysburg PA II

Dr. King Memorial 

Pentagon Memorial 

FDR Memorial 

Thomas Jefferson Monument 

Navy Memorial 

National Museum of the Marine Corps 

Constitution Hall 

Philladelphia Civil Rights Museum 

Philadelphia Civil Rights Museum II 

Marian Anderson House

Suffolk Virgina and the Dismal Swamp

Greensboro North Carolina July 25th 2013 I

Greensboro North Carolina July 25th 2013 II

Charleston South Carolina July 26th 2013

Charleston South Carolina July 27th 2013

TAHA New York Summer 2013

TAHA New York Summer 2013 A

TAHA New York Summer 2013 B


I have come far in the last five years. TAHA has provided me :

  1. commraderie among my teacher colleagues

  2. mentoring by successful retired teachers

    1. focusing on classroom:

      1. management of students/discipline

      2. administration

  3. guidance by university professionals

    1. several selected local distinguished University History professors

many other distingushed University History Professors, museum professionals, and authors from across the country.





  1.  help with my curriculumn knowledge

    1.  through college coursework

    2.  books that we have completed

    3. historical experiences through visiting many historical sites and and museums

  2. classroom resources

    1. books

    2. videos/dvds

    3. posters

    4. online websites as resources

    5. primary source knowledge and

  3. technical training online and offline and through seminaars

Together the above experiences have been transformative professionally and personally.  I have enjoyed Taha as a resource and means of regular professional development. It is always worth my time to pick up different things that help make me a better teacher in the classroom.